T-Mobile Cyber Breach Exposes Data of Nearly 2 Million Customers

24 Aug    Security

Source: Zander Insurance ID Theft Solutions

What Happened?
On Thursday, August 23rd, T-Mobile released a statement  informing its customers that they had experienced a data breach, in which the attackers from from outside of the United States of America and gained access to only “certain information”.  The breach is said to have affected nearly 2 million people, which accounts for 3% of T-Mobile’s customers.  A T-Mobile spokesperson stated that the company caught and shut down the attack almost immediately.

What Information was Exposed?
T-Mobile claims that the financial data of their customers remained safe.  The infomration that was exposed included; names, billing zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and account types (ie pre-paid or post paid).  For the customers whose accounts were exposed, T-Mobile will be making contact with via a direct text message.

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