Retirement Saving Starts Today, Stop Procastinating!

Your retirement is not your age, it is your financial wealth status.  Retirement is completely about enjoying the life after you have put in the work and saved your money to get here.  The sooner you put in the effort of saving, the quicker you’ll get there and be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  So start saving today!


1) Get yourself financially grounded first.

The recommendation is to pay off all of your debt, including your house and save six to nine months of expenses for your fully funded emergency fund, then begin investing in your retirement.


2) Calculate the magic number for your retirement goal amount.

Your age does not play a role in your retirement, your financial health does.  It is the amount of wealth you have saved up for at a certain point in your life for when retirement can be successfully enjoyed.  Determine your financial needs for your retirement by utilizing our retirement calculator.  The link to our retirement calculator can be found at the bottom of this page and under our Tools link in the navigation bar.


3) Follow a simple retirement plan.

Take 15% of your gross income and invest it into a Roth IRA (a post-tax retirement account), and pretax accounts.  Mutual funds with excellent records are a great place to put your money.


4) Remember your retirement is a investment for the future and not the present.

Compound interest can grow dramatically if you keep your investments in place longer.  Research both your investment pro and the retirement fund(s) thoroughly prior to making any investment decision.

Are you ready for retirement?

Let our retirement age calculator help you run the numbers to see what you have to further contribute, if anything, to your retirement fund(s).

Retirement Age Calculator