I have a pretty laid back way of looking at the world. But there’s a reason. Starting from nothing, by the time I was 25 I had a net worth of lower than nothing. I was in some pretty deep debt. I had a lot of debt—a lot of long-term debt—and I’m the idiot who signed up for the trip.

The short version of the story is that debt caused me to have many fights with my parents and within myself. I initially didn’t tell anyone what was going on in my financial life, but if I had to do it again, I would sit down and have conversations gain the wisdom of parents who have been through it. I soon learned that I was not the only ones at the bottom. I don’t take financial advice from broke people anymore.

On The Way Up

After reaching the financial pitfall, I went on a mission to seek out how money truly operates, how I could gain control of it physically and psychologically, and how I could have confidence in handling it. I read books from established authors in the field from Dave Ramsey and Larry Winget. That mission led me to a extremely uncomfortable place. I came to the realization that my financial issues largely began and ended with the person in my mirror, myself. I also realized that if I could learn the psychology of managing my persona, I would win with money.

Starting Thurow Financial

I established Thurow Financial in the spring of 2017 to help people unknowingly stressing over their financial health. I’ve paid for it multiple times by going broker than a broke person’s supposed to be, so hopefully some of you won’t have to. With that said, I am starting Thurow Financial Podcast to be available on multiple platforms, plus coming soon to our YouTube channel.

I am the sole owner/operator of my company. Therefore, personal service will be the focus to help you reach your financial goals.

Many businesses see success as a ROI (Return on Investment) and profitability, I define success by: helping people get out of debt, establishing a 12 month Emergency Fund, building a feasible budget, and the ability to pay it forward. I learned that patience is the true key to the higher margin of profitability.

Thank you for visiting my website! Wherever you are in the process towards your financial freedom—becoming current on any past due bills, establishing the first $1,000 of your Emergency Fund, battling the task of building your budget, continuing paying off that your debt, or being debt free and looking for a to pay it forward—let me know how I can assist with the ultimate next step in your financial freedom. This is why I formed Thurow Financial!