Video Consultation

This is a new to get in contact with us.  As of right now, we set aside 1 hour each weekend for us to answer any questions that you may via a live video call.  The first 5 minutes are free, then after that each additional minute $1.50.  This is a consultation call service to answer any quick non-investment questions that you may have.

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Financial Organization

We will help you gather all of your most current financial statements. We then help organize your monthly recurring expenditures from your debt and arrange the debt from the least amount owed to highest owed. Part of this organization includes establishing an online account access with each account you have and then establish/activate your online bill payments with your personal checking account online via both the full desktop web site and your bank's mobile app.


organize your finances



With the utilization of the Everydollar budgeting online tool, we will help you with your first month's budget set up and then show you how to create your following months budgets.


Establish your budget


Debt Payoff Planning

We will help you develop a schedule to have you begin the debt payoff process of becoming debt free and then move on to adjusting your budget once debt free to build your full emergency fund.


plan your debt payoff