We will show how to get peace of mind and lead you towards financial freedom.

Video Consultation

This is a new to get in contact with us.  As of right now, we set aside 1 hour each weekend for us to answer any questions that you may via a live video call.  The first 5 minutes are free, then after that each additional minute $4.00.  This is a consultation call service to answer any quick non-investment questions that you may have.

Video Courtesy:

The above video is used as a temporary placeholder while our own in house content is being developed.  The video is from Anthony O'Neals channel via Ramsey Solutions.
If you would like to learn more on Anthony O'Neal, visit his web site at AnthonyONeal.com

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Financial Organization

First thing first, get organized.  We help you organize all of of your income and expenses.


After you get organized and are in the know of your current financial status, it is now time to create a budget to begin the debt free journey.

Retirement Planning

Here we will first review your situation and then suggest the right plan of retirement investing, either Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401(k), or 457 plans.